Find the best pet accessories for your furry friends

Whether it's a dog, a cat, or any other furball, pets have become a crucial part of our families, way more than just pets. And what better occasion to treat our loyal four-legged friend than on National Pet Day 2024, the national day dedicated to Fido and all the other animals who keep us company every day? From waterproof coats with tartan details to nylon collars perfect for the most active and adventurous dogs; from soft and durable beds to waxed cotton harnesses, discover all the colorful and fun Pet accessories handpicked by Wpstore.it.

The attention and care we give to our pets have become such a big deal that it's even coined its own term, Dog Culture. Even the most famous clothing and high fashion brands know it, dedicating entire collections to puppies more often than not, just like Barbour. The brand with the unmistakable British charm has created Barbour Dogs, a selection of items for dogs and puppies perfect for gifting your best friends undeniable quality accessories with a truly distinctive style. Waxed cotton harnesses, great for unexpected summer downpours and even as protection from the cold, collars and leashes with classic Tartan inserts, elegant and sturdy, perfect for days spent outdoors. And then soft and cozy beds, where our friends can enjoy some well-deserved rest, maybe cuddling up with a sweet plush toy.

As the sunny days approach, it's important to plan ahead for peaceful travels with our dogs and cats, and experience incredible adventures together with our friends. And for the most adventurous and active dogs, who love to run, swim, or, to the delight of their owners, jump from one puddle to another, Filson collars and accessories are the best choice. Made of Nylon, durable and washable, in bright colors, they're perfect for outdoor enthusiasts, forest walks, and trekking lovers who want to enjoy these moments with their faithful four-legged companions.

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